Dock 6 Collective

Brand Identity & Event Materials

I had the great privilege of working with the founders of Dock 6 Collective to design their new Logo. My approach is inspired by international contemporary industrial design. I designed a risograph print for their bi-annual yearly show titled, Design & Art Series #9. I also designed event t-shirts and tote-bags for guests and attendants, as well as environmental signage. This unique event showcases several of Chicago's finest local artists, designers, artisans, and craftsman's recent work inside the new Dock 6 Warehouse. Visit Dock 6 here.

Dock 6 Logo

Dock 6 Logotype

Final Combination Logo for Dock 6 Collective

Logo Architecture

Design & Art Series #9 Flyer
Risograph Printing
5" x 7"

Detail 1

Detail 2

D6 Logo made from CNC

D6 Detail

Steel Entrance Signs