Identity & Collateral

Notre shop is one of Chicago's finest streetwear boutiques located in the west loop of Chicago. The West Loop is one of America's most up and coming neighborhoods for luxury dining, shopping, and nightlife. Notre stands out amongst the crowds by creating one-of-a-kind experiences, events, and curation of global fashion brands. Past events have been in collaboration with Adidas, Nike, Stone Island, Stephen Schnieder, and many more. 

I was tasked by Notre to create their new identity in 2016. My goal was to keep both the tradition and history of the first identity but add more elements and strengthen the foundation with new layouts and typography. Along with this project, I designed various in-house materials including collateral, packaging items, as well as branded garments & objects.


Front view inside Notre

Notre event signage

Notre Label shirt

Garment embroidery detail

Notre gift cards

Notre Label Sweater

Garment embroidery detail

Notre Candle