So Many People

So Many People, 2018

In his first solo exhibition, So Many People, artist John Zabawa finds inspiration in his misinterpretation of a David Bowie lyric, “I never thought I would meet so many people” and the unexpectedness in the way life unfolds. Finding harmony on the canvas to ease tension waiting for life to bloom, he creates swift paintings of minimalist representation. Zabawa’s work paradoxically finds harmony in the nature of an urban landscape. Color choices are distilled into neat blends from those he finds in his everyday environment. Simultaneously, forms invoke sentiment of a leaf or branch’s shadow on a blank wall or through sunlight in an open window. Endcapped by his departure from Chicago to California, this endeavor to find warmth in a cold landscape feels especially poignant. So Many People will feature paintings, drawings, and one large scale installation with which Zabawa invites the audience to interact. It will be exhibited at Topmatter Studios in theFlat Iron Arts Building January 26 - 28, 2018. - Melissa Roels

I collaborated with Sarah Gardner and Lauren Gallagher of Bad Press Studio to produce the exhibition floor plan and guide printed in risograph. Tote bags printed by Dude Babe Chicago.

Show Director: Melissa Roels
Videographer: Cameron Pugh & Vaughan Nelson-Lee
Photographers: Matthew Allen & Cody Bralts
Coordinator: Alex Senycia